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Latest News - it is confirmed that the new PSP Slim & Lite comes with a firmware version 3.60 installed on it. It is currently not possible to downgrade v 3.60 firmware so if you are looking to buy a PSP better check for PSP with Firmware 1.5 or a hacked Dark_Alex FW or M33 3.52 or you will not be able to run homebrew and play psp isos and roms on it.
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Dark Alex Custom Firmwares
>> PSP FW 3.40 Open Edition. (Link 1) (Link 2)
>> PSP FW 3.30 Open Edition. (Rev A) (Rev A2 )
>> PSP FW 3.10 Open Edition. (Rev A) (Rev A2)
>> 1.50 Custom Firmware - The proof of concept.

Downgrades & Downdaters
TA-082 Downgrader (to use with 2.71 HEN) Generic 2.71 Downgrader. (Download) Downdater 2.71. Downdater 2.50&2.60. 1.50 to 1.00. (Download)

Homebrew Enabler
Homebrew enabler for 2.71. (Rev A) (Rev B) (Rev B2) (Rev C) (Devhook) (Rev D + devhook) (Devhook 0.51) >> SDK for HEN-D and SE-C. (Download) >> Devhook launcher port. (Ver 0.1) (Ver 0.2)

Other Stuff
3.03/3.10 OE mix for UP. Plugin to load 3.02 POPS on 3.03 OE. load ANY POPS on 3.10 and next OE's. (Download) >> PsxDecrypter Slim & Lite 3000 m33 (decrypts/decompresses isos of the ps3store). Dax Ziso Loader. UMD Dax Dumper Beta.
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